Top reasons why you should pump your septic tank:
1. To avoid costly repairs to your system requiring regular maintenance.
2. To keep your environment and family safe by preventing harmful bacteria from getting into the water table, or your own well water.
3. Selling your house? Most buyers will require you pump your septic tank prior to closing.
4. Avoid sewage backups in your house.

How Often should I pump my septic tank?
You should have your septic system assessed at least every 3 years. Your pumping intervals will depend on the size of your tank and how many people live in the house.
The Staff at Prospect Septic Service are fully certified and can help you determine how often to pump your tank and help you protect one of your largest household investments.

Best Practice- Do’s and Don’ts:
1. Space out laundry or high use appliances
2. Minimize garbage disposal
3. Avoid harsh chemicals and medications
4. Don’t allow water softener discharge to be drained into your septic system
5. Pump and Inspect your septic tank at regular intervals.
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